Free - Road Jerseys

Jerseys in great shape free to a good home. Take some or all.
from left to right

Ciclowerk team - SM
Ducati - M
Faction - M
Ciclowerks - M
Faction - L
Wcc - L
WCC newer - L

All are Regular fit


I’ll take the three large ones if they’re still available.

I’d be happy to put the Decati (M) and Ciclowerks (M) to use! Thanks for offering them.

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Only the Small remains then. I can bring them to waterloo with me during the week. Otherwise you would have to drive to Linwood for pickup.

Hey Chad, I will take the small.

@Peter , @happenator and @Sebastian_Grela please PM me when you would like to pick up the Jerseys.
I can leave them at Three Tides Wellness in Waterloo for pickup if it is more convenient.


Wow! Classics!

Far right is 2009 ?

@Francqlife it could be around there, that feels so long ago now, I think when events were at the flying dog.