Early Summer Charity rides in Waterloo area

New to the club. I was wondering if there were any summer charity rides in the area.

I had planned to train this year to participate in Andy’s 100km ride in Muskoka in August 2023, but found out it was cancelled this year. :frowning: It was going to be my 1st group charity ride.

Is there an organized cancer ride in the area?

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There’s actually a posting about a cancer ride in Durham Region on May 28:

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I was hoping something this side of the GTA.

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The tour de Norfolk is always a good ride, mid July.

The WCC also plans to run our Big Ride later this season. We ride anywhere from 100 to 250 kms and raise funds for a local charity - most recently for Alzheimers. More details to come.


This is probably the flattest route with lots of distances to choose from.

I’m biking this fundraiser on June 24 too.