Bike stolen

Hi: I loaned one of my bikes to my Ukrainian guests and they rode to Conestoga Mall last evening (Sat, Apr 22, 2023). They locked it with my cable lock and when they came back out, the lock had been cut and one of three bikes was gone. The two remaining bikes were Canadian Tire (Supercycle) brand, while mine was an old Norco Sasquatch. I think it was a late 80’s vintage bike, judging by the fact that it didn’t have any suspension. I’m not the original owner, but I have had it for at least 20 years. It was my utility bike and my first touring bike - I’m really bummed cause it was a classic and setup perfectly for me. It seems the thief new what they were looking for.

I have attached a couple photos of the bike, but in case they don’t come through, the bike is metallic grey, Shimano DX shifters, bar ends with foam grips, newer Deore RD, Deore DX FD, black fenders, Tioga City Slicker tires, Ritchey rims, rear rack, cable for lighting running on top tube, Quebec license sticker on down tube from a bike trip in 2003, triple crank, two black bottle cages, silver kickstand.

I’d appreciate if people could keep an eye out for this bike. I’d also appreciate any guidance on where and how to look for it and what other steps I should take. I’m planning on calling the police today and then I will regularly start checking Kijiji. What else can I do?


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We have a bike you can have, it’s a Trek touring bike it’s about 10 years old but in great shape. We just replaced it and we’re trying to find a home for it.


Sad news @JohnnyG !

I think there is a local stolen bikesFacebook group you can post to about it that might help:

Hi Carla: That’s a kind offer - thank you. For the next week or so I will do what I can to recover my bike and when I give up on that I will get in touch with you.
Thanks again.

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This bike appeared in the bushes near us. Noticed it this morning, not sure if it matches any you lost.

Thanks Mark. The picture is very tiny, but I don’t think that’s mine. I think the photo shows a double down tube, like a women’s step thru design. Let me know if I’m seeing that wrong. Thanks for forwarding.