Bib Short Sizing

Hi. I’ve been having sizing issues with bib shorts in the last year or so and I’m wondering what people recommend to do. I’m 6 feet tall with a 32 inch waist and comfortably fit into a size large bib shorts around the waist, but the problem is my shoulder start hurting after an hour or so on the bike because the shoulder straps aren’t long enough. Specifically I bought some Castelli Areo Race Bib Shorts. Thoughts on what to do? Can I just cut them and sow on a patch? What have other people done?

There was a post on the old google groups asking for recommendations for tailors who could repair bibs. They might be able to advise you what is possible:

“Glenridge Dry Cleaners and Tailors”
315 Lincoln Rd #9, Waterloo, ON N2J 4H7

White Button Tailor

How many times have you worn this particular set? They might stretch out over time.

I actually wear the exact same shorts in a large ( I really like them) and I’m 6ft 3, 30 inch waist , and skinny and they seem fine on the shoulders for me. Worst case scenario, I’ll take them off your hands :slight_smile:

I am about the same height (6’1") and waistline as well, and also own the Castelli free aero race in large and objectively find them tighter than most. It’s in the race name, they feel relaxed in more of an aero position, forcing you into that on the hoods/in the drops. Best worn with Castelli aero race jersey, aero helmet and visor. :wink: Having said that we all have different bodies but I would definitely try Castelli large in the non-race/aero bibs for a more ‘relaxed’ comfortable fit.

I am 5’11” and 175 lbs with 32” waist. I have several pairs of castelli bibs in XXL. I have to size up two sizes from a North American fit for both bibs and jerseys from castelli. I would say find a shop that sells castelli and don’t be shy about trying on all sizes.