Best local place with good selection of road helmets?

So my wife is looking to buy me a new helmet as a gift (her original gift got cancelled due to COVID related delays, bah humbug!).

Which localish shops have the best selection of road helmets? I have an odd shaped head so would like to try them on first to make sure they are fit and comfy. I’m looking at the fancier side of the spectrum and maybe something aero (like a Kask Utopia maybe). I could drive into Toronto but would like to support our sponsors / local business if possible.

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Check out McPhails and Ziggy’s. They both have good selections and can order in what you need.

I have a feeling it likely will need an order. I’m often cautious of ordering items I’m not sure will work from local stores in case I can’t use them and the store gets stuck with them. Unless they are return them to the supplier? Not sure how that process works.

Popped into mcphails today since I was in the area and seems the COVID supply chain issues are still around. Specialized Evade not in stock and unfortunately you can’t even order them currently. They did have a Giro vanquish that actually fitted well but I don’t have the legs to rock it. Apparently some lazer helmets might come in later in spring.


Oliver. Same issue for me.

I’m old school. Like really old school. I like to try things on. Have a chat and relationship with the people when making a purchase. And yes…I still use cash for most things. Mostly because I get a kick out of it when you hand over huge wads and the younger retail folk don’t know what to do with it?

I bought Chris P’s old Evade, but smashed it in a crash on July 4th. I looked at the same Giro that you did, Oliver, and even tried on David P’s…but I agree, with that face shield, it looked faster than I am. So, McPhails said check back in 5 months (November) for Specialized products.

I dropped by McPhail’s last month (November) looking to order another Evade. Nope…no specialized inventory available to order…check back in spring. It’s been 6 months of using my son’s old MTB helmet. I ended up finding someone at the Velodrome who was selling an EVADE…I tried it on…and handed him the cash.

The bigger problem is the Specialized S-works road shoes that I’ve been rocking for the past 10 years. They have worn through the sole where I put my foot on on the ground when I stop…my sock is showing through the bottom of the shoe.

I “know” these Specialized shoes fit…but there are none in my size or in any store in Ontario that I can drive to? I can’t even find them in my size on-line to order. And they cost almost as much as my last used bike?

Message of the story. You are not alone. Supply chain is a thing. The retail experience is vast and diverse. Dinosaurs went extent for a reason.

I may just attach cleats to my sandals for 2022.


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As my son said about the new wheel spokes- They won’t make you faster but you’ll look faster. Same applies to the Giro Vanquish. Mind over matter boys :wink:

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Ha, I want to look slow but go fast. Not sure what kit does that!

I do like to try and support local businesses where possible. I go local, then regional, then national and finally international worldwide ( the wiggles and chain reactions). Unfortunately, have had to buy online more than I like recently, just because it is the only way to find stock. However, helmets and shoes are certainly something you need to try on before buying.

I happened to be in Toronto last week and popped into Wheels of Bloor and Browns. Wheels had an Evade but in small (way too small for my noggin!). Browns had a good selection of Kask in most sizes so ended up with one of those. Wheels did seem to have some Specialized shoes but I’m not sure what sizes. Might we worth emailing / calling them to see if they have your size? Unfortunately, Spesh have an odd rule about not shipping so might need a trip there to get them.


I go to La Bicicletta ( Toronto. They have great selection from premium and mod-range manufactures. I just picked up a new ABUS Airbreaker…but they have Kask and others as well. Go seletion there to try on and tey usually can source quickly if they don’t have it there. I would try their website and call ahead to see if there is something to try and fit. I love McPhails and Ziggys however I find they don’t have stock and usually very specific to bike manufactures they resell.

I have bought things online from La Bicicletta but never in person. I’ll try to make the trip next time I’m there. Both Wheels and Browns are next to each other and more importantly close to an awesome bagel place and the wonders of the cheese boutique (do not go to the cheese boutique if you don’t want to spend way too much money on cheese!).

If your going I will join you! Daddy needs a new set of shoes…white to match the helmet :wink:

There are quite a few good helmets listed here in this review:

Evade, Kask Protone and the Met all test very well and look good too.

The evade is especially good even as a TT helmet. On some people it tests as fast as a S-Works TT depending on head position.

I’m really tired of these supply chain restrictions…

Good luck in your search!


+1 for Evade.

Not fast enough to justify these bits of kit, but managed to source some blingy-matchy things through the interwebs to punch through this supply chain bottleneck.

Now all I need is a white world championship jersey and to take this all onto a muddy CX course.


I’m certainly not fast enough for this kind of thing but I’m thinking the older ( and slower) I get then I’ll take any advantage I can :slight_smile:

Ended up with a kask utopia. Bit of a wierd fit but I think I’ll get used to it. Just needs a bit more adjusting each time it goes on.

Due to a bit of a disaster in the helmet storage area ( cleanup in aisle 2!) All the family’s spare helmets got damaged.

Going to try these as backup helmets (and ones for the family). Apparently safety certified ( although not MIPS) and evade like in shape. Shipping seems pricey but good price for a backup: Carnac Evo Road Helmet | Planet X


Carnac helmets arrived ( amazingly fast shipping).

Is quite Evade shaped but a little rough around the edges. Still really good for the money:


@Francqlife how do you like those shoes? I’ve been looking for Giro Empires (lace ups) for ages but can’t find them anywhere.

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Morning Christoper,

Haven’t tried them yet !

Part of me is a little worried about getting laces caught on chainring teeth? But, I will find a way to tuck them in.

I really liked the BOA dials on my S-Works, which I can adjust on the fly during a ride…like tightening them just before Middlebrook…even if it’s just a ruse to intimidate the peloton.

Kevin G. and Drew M. have the same ones, above. That’s why I bought them. I do like the ability to tighten them to a custom fit with the laces.

AND of course…I am old school. Nothing like classic laces.



I snapped the wire on both my boas in the last year. I’ve meant to change them but the stopper knot I tied in the end of the wire has been holding tight. At the rate I fix my own stuff I dunno if I’ll ever get around to putting the replacements on the shoes.

My first bike shoes I bought had regular shoe laces, I used this lacing pattern 'cos I was worried about snagging the knot. It’s probably an aerodynamic disaster though :wink: There’s a lot of nifty ways to lace shoes.

Thanks, I’ll check them out!

You can buy lace guards too make sure the laces stay put. (People use them for soccer cleats).

They are also super aero which is a bonus.

PS - Love the middlebrook comment :slight_smile: