30-32c tires with tread


I was wondering if anyone has a pair of 30-32c treaded tires (like Gravel King SK) that I could buy or borrow for the Dusty Nostril tomorrow. Please PM me if you do!

Any assistance would be great!

I got 1 38mm Victoria knobby
1 Michelin 35mm Gravel.
1 35mm Swalbe Sammy Slick knobby
2 30/32mm Specialized Roubaix Pro

Thanks Brian, but the Roubaix have a bit less tread than my current ones. Are you riding tomorrow?


Noo. I have an excuse. Do you want my 35’s on my rims as well? Michelin and Goodyear knobbies. Too wide? Tubeless


Hey. 32c is max, thanks though! How’s the finger?

More my ego was hurt :disappointed:

Best Regards
Brian Legge

I have a pair of 32 mm Continental CycloXKing, non-tubeless tires. On an 18mm internal rim they mount up just under 32mm. I’ll be at the Dusty Nostril tomorrow, or we could meet in downtown Kitchener tonight.

@Arlambert those look like they would be awesome! If you could bring them there tomorrow that would be great.

Great! I’ll be there for around 8 tomorrow. I’ll try and hang out around the WCC tent once I pick up my race plate.