2021 Clothing store - closes Monday

Reminder, the clothing store closes Monday. Get the new 2021 Kit!



I think I started this thread on when this would be available a few months back…and now I missed the boat?! How did I miss this? I checked the thread I started and no love. Is there still a possible way to order? Maybe this was lost in the move to this new forum???

Karl Spangler

Good news, we hadn’t finalized the numbers or started production so the store is open again for the weekend.


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Hi Kevin,

I recieved my summer clothing and its great! XL jersey is a bit big (with the rear pockets full I look like a garbage bag :slight_smile:) That said, was wondering if we have a fall/winter clothing plans? Looking for pants, long sleeve and a gillet.


In short, yes. I haven’t got in touch with Garneau just yet, but my thought was to offer fall and winter clothing soon, probably mid September for October delivery or so. (typically turnaround times are faster this time of year)

The main limitation is that for this year Garneau has returned to 6 item minimums. So I’ll need to balance the want of offering many items with making sure we hit the minimums. I might try a poll in discourse to see if that works well. :thinking: